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Animal Kingdom's BOMA, Reviewed!

Jambo! Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co., your personal guides to all things Walt Disney World and Beyond! Today we are going to talk about Animal Kingdom Lodge's buffet restaurant, called Boma. Animal Kingdom Lodge is a beautiful and intricately themed Deluxe resort at Walt Disney World, and we were thrilled to get to try this restaurant's breakfast buffet.

This restaurant is located a floor below the check-in area at Animal Kingdom Lodge the main building of Jambo House. It is a big space that you walk by when you walk to the pool and it is somewhere that I have always wanted to try. The space is decorated in African style decor and there is an expansive buffet at the front of the room. This is not a character buffet. WDW's African-inspired character buffet is called Tusker House and it is located in Africa in Animal Kingdom park. The fact that this is not a character buffet may benefit you in two ways though. 1) It's easier to get reservations for Boma than most other Disney buffets. 2) It is CHEAPER than Disney character buffets. At $29 per person for an all-you-can-eat breakfast (at the time of writing) we found this to be an exceptional value.

Above is our YouTube VLOG reviewing Boma! Feel free to check it out, or you can pass it and keep reading!

The location of BOMA is the biggest "con" for this restaurant. Unless you are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge! It is a no-brainer breakfast option if you are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you aren't staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, then it is a bit of a hassle to get to. The Animal Kingdom area is about 15 minutes away from the other WDW parks and the only form of transportation is a bus if you aren't driving yourself. If you are driving yourself then it would be nice to start your Animal Kingdom park day by driving to Animal Kingdom Lodge, having breakfast, and then driving to Animal Kingdom. If you are staying elsewhere and NOT driving, then you would either have to uber, or you would take a bus to Animal Kingdom, then a bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge, or you can take a bus from another park. So, as you can see, a hassle.

Fortunately, that is basically the only "con." Everything else was really amazing! The service was great, the decor was fun and the food was awesome! We loved the African options as well as the American traditional breakfast foods. The buffet had so many different kinds of food that everyone in your party is sure to be happy.

We started with Disney's famous breakfast juice concoction, POG juice. Oh my gosh, this stuff is FANTASTIC! It's a blend of Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava and it is wonderful! Sweet with a slight tang. Since drinks come with your breakfast buffet your server will also offer you coffee and then tell you to go ahead and hit the buffet! There is generally a line, so I would suggest grabbing two plates if you are talented like that. I like my sweet and syrupy things on one plate and my savory options on another. I guess I'm a diva.

Some of the classic food options included; scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, french-toast bread pudding with a vanilla cream sauce (my favorite!), pastries, and of course Mickey Waffles. To our delight, they offer a "Simba" Waffle too! How cute is that?? The picture above are classic cinnamon rolls. In my humble opinion, Disney needs to rethink their icing to roll ratio. 😂 Below you can see the pancake and waffle section and below that part of the pastry section.

For some of the more interesting and new-to-me African options, there were; Turkey Bobotie, Tomato and Watermelon Salad, Coconut Steel Cut Oatmeal, Oak Fired Asparagus, Oak Fired Tomatoes, Pap (creamy white cornmeal), Chakalaka (South African Spicy Tomato Stew), and Western African Sweet Plantains. I especially liked the Pap topped with a little of the Chakalaka and the Coconut Steel Cut Oatmeal topped with honey and banana chips. My family couldn't get enough of the sweet plantains. The picture directly below is the Pap and Chakalaka. I assume they are supposed to be eaten together because they were next to each other on the buffet. I liked the combination. The picture below that is the Watermelon Tomato salad. It wasn't for me, but still, I appreciate that it is there as a new and interesting option to try.

I really enjoyed getting to try some of these unique-to-me dishes at Boma. I mean, where else are you introduced to these types of foods, but also given the classic American options of cinnamon rolls and Mickey-shaped waffles? It's a win-win because you can try new things and fill up on your go-to favorite breakfast options.

Below I am going to share a bunch of pictures of the food!

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