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EPCOT's Spice Road Table, Reviewed!

Essalam! (That is how a greeting is pronounced in Moroccan Arabic! It technically translates to "Peace be upon you." How wonderful is that??) Today we are going to travel far and wide to Morocco (EPCOT's Morocco pavilion that is) to sample food at a true WDW hidden gem. Or should I have said, "diamond in the rough"? That would possibly imply that there aren't LOTS of great EPCOT dining locations, which there are, so I'll stick with "hidden gem". Why hidden? Because this restaurant is a WALK-UP and usually has no wait! Come with us on our Arabian night as we try out Spice Road Table.

Let me start by telling you how awesome the atmosphere here is! We sat inside, but the outside is pretty here too. I don't sit outside unless the weather is cooler, but during the times when it is cool enough to eat outside, this is a great location. The restaurant is WATERFRONT, you guys! I mean, it's basically on top of World Showcase Lagoon. There aren't even footpaths between the restaurant and the water views, which is amazing because if you are hoping for a firework viewing or just a beautiful view of the water and Spaceship Earth, this is it! There aren't crowds of people in your way.

The inside of the restaurant has HUGE near floor-to-ceiling windows all along the wall with the view, and on the outside patio, it is, of course, all view. The decor is Moroccan (shocking I know) and all the details are beautiful and transportive. I particularly loved the copper-topped and intricately designed tables. The lighting is also gorgeous.

On to the most important part, the food!!! This is a tapas restaurant, so you order small plates and share. This is how we roll anyway. I can never decide on one thing, so this blog/vlog/podcast gave me the perfect excuse to get to try a bunch of different plates at any given restaurant. But here, that's how it works anyway. Yay! We started with an Iced Mint Tea! Unfortunately, I didn't love it. But if you love a STRONG spearmint flavor then you may enjoy it. It tasted like liquid Extra Spearmint Gum to me.

The first 'food' thing I'll talk about is the Naan spreads. Bread and dips?! Yes, please! This plate was served with soft and floury Naan bread, Hummus, Chermoula (a condiment made with parsley, cilantro, garlic, citrus, and warm spices), Marinated Olives, and Za'atar (A combination of dried herbs including oregano thyme, marjoram, sumac, and sesame seeds). I especially loved the creamy hummus and the salty olives, but it was all amazing. Everything was very flavorful! I highly recommend this dish.

The next thing we got was the Spice Road Table Sampler. I love a sampler for the reasons mentioned earlier. I want to try everything when we go to a restaurant. This sampler had Lamb Kefta, Spiced Chicken, and Tiropitakia. These also were ALL good! The Lamb Kefta is basically a meatball made with ground lamb and lots of spices and wonderful juicy flavors, the Spiced Chicken had just the right blend of Moroccan spices, and the Tiropitakia was a fun puff pastry filled with cheesy goodness. I would eat all three of these again and I was thrilled that we had the opportunity to try them all.

The last thing we ordered was the Dessert Platter. We didn't really enjoy this dish and really didn't think it should've been called a platter. The word platter brings bigger portions to mind than the plate with three nearly bite-sized desserts. More importantly, we were least impressed by the flavors of the desserts. The baklava was the best, but it wasn't great. I've had much better baklava in the past. The other two things were Karydopita (a spiced cake soaked in honey syrup and topped with walnuts) and a Marzipan Cookie. Although we weren't a fan of either, we especially disliked the Marzipan cookie. We felt like it was dry, not sweet enough, and had a weird texture.

All-in-all Spice Road is the diamond in the rough that I hadn't expected to find! Beautiful views, easy to get into, and super flavorful food! I highly recommend this restaurant and honestly, I'm shocked that it exists and isn't impossible to get into.

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