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Raglan Road at Disney Springs, REVIEWED! (Spoiler: The best part is at the end!)

Hey! Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co., your personal guides to all things WDW and Beyond! Today I am writing to you to tell you about Disney World's only Irish Pub, Raglan Road! Raglan Road is located in Disney Springs and has a reputation for its Irish food and beer and live entertainment. Today we will answer the question about whether this is a good place to spend your hard-earned money and your precious time checking out.

Below is our vlog showing our video review and a brief tour of the restaurant. To see all the fun Irish fare that we tasted and hear how we felt about it, check out our video below or keep scrolling down to continue reading!

Raglan Road is a high-energy space with regular live music and dancers. I had a blast getting to see the dancers take the stage on single-person platform stages and do an Irish dance. It really adds to the immersiveness of this restaurant. The decor was exactly what you would expect of an Irish pub and I loved being transported to Ireland when we stepped in.

The first thing we ordered was an appetizer called the “Chicken Donut.” I mean how could we not? It was a savory donut stuffed with chicken, wild mushrooms, and leeks and topped with a savory maple glaze, crispy chicken, and bacon crumble with a pickled salad. Once it came... umm.. it looked weird! (Picture below, weird, right??) Honestly, it was a weird mishmash of flavors but it was certainly unique! I wouldn't order it again, but I don't regret giving it a try.

For my entree, I got the Scallop Forest appetizer. Pictured below. I often get an appetizer as my entree. Most of the time appetizers just sound better to me. This was an artfully plated dish of battered coated and fried Georges Bank sea scallops served with a citrus lime dipping sauce and sweet chili jam. These were fun to look at and as far as flavor goes they were good, but not great. Scallops are my favorite food, so I gravitated to this on the menu but it left something to be desired. They were in desperate need of a sprinkle of salt after coming out of the fryer. I love fish and chips, so I thought this would be the upgraded version, but they were, unfortunately, lacking flavor.

Jake got the “Shepard’s to Die for Pie.” Pictured below. The menu states that it is Braised and pulled beef and lamb with root vegetables in a rich red wine jus with Irish peat smoked mashed potato. I realize that this is comfort food for a lot of people in a lot of cultures but it isn’t for me so it didn’t ring a bell of nostalgia for me. With that being said that isn’t a put-off for me. I have branched out far and wide from the Southern American food I was brought up eating and I am always excited to try new flavors. Unfortunately, this dish didn’t do it for me, but Jake liked it a lot! If Shepard’s Pie is your thing then you may love it.

We also got Fish and Chips. This was the winner for me. It is also served next door at the quick-serve restaurant attached to Raglan Road called “Cookes of Dublin.” It is also $12 CHEAPER at Cookes of Dublin! Either place you get it, it is perfection. The giant piece of fish is golden fried and the tarter sauce is perfectly tangy, there is something special about it that I couldn't quite put my finger on, but you knew it wasn't generic bottled tartar sauce.

My absolute FAVORITE THING ON THE MENU is the “Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding.” I LOVE bread pudding and this was the best bread pudding I have EVER had. Bar none. It isn't beautiful, but it is AUH-MAZING! It comes to you fresh and super hot with sides of rich toffee and cream sauces to pour over. When we were leaving I said, “I would come back for that dessert alone.” And I have. We returned to Disney Springs a few weeks later for our anniversary and dined at Paddlefish and opted not to have dessert at Paddlefish and instead came to sit at the bar at Raglan Road for their piping hot, toffee-drenched bread pudding. If you don't have a reservation, their expansive bars (there are two of them!) are first come first serve.

So I think I would not give this restaurant a recommendation as a sit-down restaurant. The fish and chips are great, but you can get them at the quick-serve restaurant for less money next door. Except for the Bread Pudding dessert. I highly suggest bypassing Sprinkles, bypassing Everglazed and all the other trendy dessert spots, and coming to Disney Springs for THIS dessert. Not that I don’t love Sprinkles or Everglazed! Sprinkles Pride cupcake that they offer in June is to die for. But if I were ranking Disney Springs desserts (which I am, blog/vlog coming your way after I have managed to try them all!) Then this dessert would be above those others.

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