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The BEST BBQ in all of Walt Disney World! (Review of Polite Pig)

WDW BBQ Polite Pig

Hi! Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co., your personal guides to everything Walt Disney World and beyond. There are SO MANY dining options at Disney Springs! It’s dizzying. You need help deciding. We get it! We did, too. You worked hard for your money (so hard for your money) and you don’t want to waste it on so-so food. Nothing is more irritating than spending $100 on a Disney meal and walking away feeling unsatisfied and like you wasted your money. I am the type of person who will feel physically nauseous after feeling like I have wasted money and the feeling sticks with me and taints the rest of my day. So we are here to help!

Today’s review is about The Polite Pig, Disney Springs’ only BBQ option. I would also go as far as to call this the best BBQ on Disney property. The food was flavorful, filling and the flavor combinations were exciting. Polite Pig is a quick serve restaurant located next to the Lime Garage at Disney Springs. The decor is farmhouse meets industrial. Which is weird, but it totally works! You go in and wait in line to order, you get a number to set on your table and a server brings it to you. That server will then get you anything else you need; but drinks and BBQ sauce are self serve. So it's really a cross between a counter service and sit down in a way. It’s something to bear in mind when ordering because they put you on the spot and ask you how much you want to tip when you are ordering and they tell you it is split between the whole staff including the people that will "serve" you in the dining room when you sit down. Which is a bit confusing. The "servers" do less for your table than a sit down restaurant, but more than a typical counter service. I’m not going to tell you how much to tip, that is a personal (and dare I say, deeply controversial) decision, but I wanted to give you all of the Information that I wished that I had when we went. In retrospect, we had wished we brought cash to give an extra tip directly to the guy that took care of us at our table in addition to the amount we tipped when ordering. He was great and we felt he deserved a big tip. On the other hand, the girl that rang us up was a little rude and clearly not happy to be there. It’s definitely the disadvantage to group tipping.

We loved basically EVERYTHING that we ordered! This is pretty rare. I and my dining companions are fairly picky! I will start off by telling you the thing we liked the least, but it still wasn’t bad. There were only two items that we had small gripes about and this was one of them. The pretzel appetizer. The other was the not-so-crispy Brussel Sprouts, but we will get to those later. The pretzel was supposed to be served with a beer cheese dip and an IPA mustard and I was SOOO excited for those sauces. It’s all about the sauces for me and I LOVE beer cheese sauce, dip or soup normally, and I get jump-up-and-down excited when I see it on a menu. But this one was... weird. I said to someone at the table “what did you think about the beer cheese sauce?” To which he replied “what beer cheese sauce?” Which really sums it up. It was not identifiable as beer cheese. I pointed to it, and he said “Oh, I thought that was another mustard sauce.” So that was a little disappointing. The pretzel itself was comically large and very good. Not dense like a packaged soft pretzel. This one tasted fresh and was soft. So while I was disappointed enough in the beer cheese sauce to not order this again, if you aren’t a beer cheese conosouier you may love it because the pretzel and the IPA mustard were quite good! For bonus points the giant pretzel made for a few great photos that I will cherish for years to come.

For our main entrees we got the Slider Trio as a way to try three of their sandwich offerings without ordering that much food. It came with a Southern Pig Slider, a Slow and Low Brisket Slider, and a Southern Fried Chicken Slider. They were all FANTASTIC! They were all fresh and had lots of exciting flavors. I didn’t think the fried chicken slider would be anything special but it really was. It has a sweet and smoky BBQ sauce on it that really gave it something extra. Also it was SO crispy! I was really impressed. The other two sandwiches were just as impressive. We actually got a full version of each of those sandwiches too. The Low and Slow Brisket Sandwich was my personal favorite. Tender brisket, Porter BBQ sauce, Pimento cheese (I love pimento cheese), pickled jalapeños and onion straws. Perfection in a sandwich. My sandwich was pretty light on the pimento cheese so I asked our awesome server if he could bring me some extra and he did and it really helped my enjoyment of the sandwich. The Southern Pig was also excellent. Pulled pork, fennel-apple slaw, mustard bbq sauce, and mayo were the toppings on this one. It was really fantastic too. I loved the tanginess of the sauce and the sweetness of the slaw. When it comes to flavor combinations this restaurant has nailed it.

The sides we tried were Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Whiskey Caramel, Southern Potato Salad, Mac and Cheese, Sweet Potato Tots, and Grilled Street Corn. The only one I can complain about is the Brussel Sprouts and that is only because they seemed like they were steamed and not cooked all the way through when I was expecting crispy Brussel Sprouts as the menu suggested. That being said, the whiskey caramel sauce was fantastic and made the dish. Every other side was fantastic. The sweet potato tots had parmesan cheese on top, which seemed odd to me but they were fantastic. The street corn had lots of fun flavor and the Mac and cheese was basic enough that kids will like it, but better than Kraft. We did not get dessert here but I did order a Pina Colada, which was definitely as sweet as a dessert. It was nice and refreshing and perfect for the hot and humid day.

All in all this gets a STRONG recommendation from us. The prices were reasonable, especially for Disney. Sandwiches were between $12-$15 each and those are what we strongly recommend if you are looking for lots of flavor and fun flavor combinations. If this review helped you please check out our other platforms! A share or pin of the blog or hitting the subscribe button on our YouTube page is the only way we can keep doing these, so please help us continue living our dream and bringing you more reviews!

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