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Mini Golf at Disney World?! (Review of Winter Summerland at WDW)

Morgan here from Neverland Navigation Co. Your personal guides to Walt Disney World and Beyond! As a Florida resident and a WDW annual passholder with decades of Disney experience (lets not get into specific numbers) I often get asked about the “hidden gems” that I have discovered at Disney World. This article is about my absolute favorite “hidden gem.” I am using this phrase because even during peak Disney times this is an experience you can have a blast at with minimal to no wait. Check out our YouTube video review below!

Winter Summerland is one of two miniature golf courses at the Walt Disney World Resort. It is BY FAR my favorite of the two, and if you are someone who loves Christmas like I do, you will love it too. I do feel like they missed an obvious opportunity to call it “Minnie Golf”, but that is really my only complaint. So to facilitate my dream, I will henceforth be referring to it as Winter Summerland Minnie Golf. (Don’t hate me!)

Winter Summerland Minnie Golf is CHRISTMAS THEMED and there are two options for courses. The “Winter” course and the “Summer” course. The Winter side has traditional Christmas decor with snowy details and the “Summer” side has Florida/Beach Christmas vibes. Both sides have heart warming Christmas lights overhead and fun and nostalgic Christmas decor. Both have festive Christmas music playing over the speakers, however the “Summer” side has beachy Christmas songs (Think “Little Saint Nick” by The Beach Boys) and the Winter side has more classic Christmas songs (like “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt.) Both sides are absolutely amazing and wonderfully festive and both courses end with the last 5 or so holes in the “Christmas House.” You just want to pick which side to play based on your mood.

We chose the Winter side for our last trip because it’s July, it’s like 100 degrees but feels like 150, and seeing some snowy and frosty scenes just sounded like it would hit the spot. Either way, we recommend going at or after dusk if you can swing it. (I couldn’t resist a golf pun) In addition to the fact that it might be cooler in the evening (or not, it’s Florida so who knows) the main draw to going at night is getting to see the Christmas lights lit up. This is when Winter Summerland is at the height of it’s Christmas glory. In my experience with driving by, it also seems to be less busy at night. Which is nuts, because that is the best time to go. I’m guessing that is because annual pass holders with the "water parks and sports pass" get to go for free before 4.

If you have read any of my other blog posts you may already know that I am Christmas obsessed and my favorite thing ever was “The Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Lights.” - I would give a limb for them to bring the Osbourne lights back permanently. If you never got it to see it in person do yourself a favor and check out the videos people have posted on YouTube. It’s not the same as being there, but it gives you an idea of the Christmas magic. Then once you are on my side, maybe we can start a petition to have them brought back. Now that the Osbourne lights are gone, this might be my favorite Christmas area. In any case, the absolute best part about it is that it is open year around. So I can get my Christmas fix, even in July, and you can go whenever your WDW trip may be.

When you first enter there is a GREAT photo op with a sleigh. (Pictured below!) One of the things we love most about Winter Summerland is all of the great photo ops. You could truly take a great Christmas themed photo at every hole and have a bunch to choose from for an awesome family Christmas card. Talk about multitasking! Family fun and Christmas card photos in one night?! Check!

Winter Summerland is open from 10am-10pm daily and they offer discounts for Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club members. At the time of writing cost is $14 per adult and $12 for kids 3-9. (Don’t even get me started on how a kid is no longer a kid at the ripe old age of ten.) Winter Summerland is located in the parking lot area of Blizzard Beach Water Park and that just makes so much sense to me. Blizzard Beach has a snowy theme and so does Winter Summerland. Talk about a match made in heaven. This is right next to the McDonald’s on WDW property which is right next to the All Star hotels. So it is especially convenient if you are staying at an All Star hotel, but worth the drive even if you aren’t. If you are staying at a Disney property hotel you can take the bus from the resort to Blizzard Beach (if Blizzard Beach is open) to access Winter Summerland. If driving, parking is free in their designated "Winter Summerland" parking lot. I cannot recommend this experience enough. It is such a fun, nostalgic, and heartwarming experience. If our review helped you, please please check out our YouTube page and subscribe to our channel! It's how we are able to continue bringing you all the Disney reviews so that you can make educated decisions on where in WDW to spend your time and money! Merry Christmas!


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