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  • Magic Kingdom's Best Quick Serve Restaurant?

    Ahoy Mateys! Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co. and Neverland Navigation Radio podcast! We publicly declared that there weren't many really good quick-serve restaurants in Magic Kingdom and our fans responded and told us to check out Columbia Harbour House! So that is what we are doing. You asked we listened. So let us see. Is there a GOOD quick-serve restaurant option in Magic Kingdom? Check out our VLOG about Columbia Harbour House below! So over the years, I have tried all the quick-serve dining locations in Magic Kingdom and I was never really impressed. But Disney has gotten better with food over time and some of our fans recommend a few options for us to try. Columbia Harbour House was one of them. I LOVE seafood, so I was excited to give it another go. I am a BIG fan of the vibe of this restaurant. There are two floors worth of seating and it was really pleasant to feel out of the hustle and bustle while eating upstairs. I loved that there was plenty of indoor (read: air-conditioned!) seating. This restaurant has no outdoor seating and I appreciate that. A lot of times the quick-serve options are crazy busy and fast moving and you wind up feeling like you just ate real quick while standing up because you needed to eat, but didn't enjoy it. In Columbia Harbour House, you can sit down, enjoy your food, and take a breather. We went on a busy day and there was still plenty of open seating. I wondered if a lot of people didn't realize there was an upstairs seating area. When we entered the second floor of Columbia Harbour House I was impressed by the chill and slow mood up there. It wasn't as busy as anywhere else in the park and people didn't appear to be rushing around. The decor in the restaurant is fun and fits in perfectly with the Liberty Square theme. It is as if you enter a ship in colonial times. There are colonial-era collections everywhere. If you have ever been to Liberty Tree Tavern then that is a good comparison they are similarly decorated, just with Columbia Harbour House having a more nautical theme. The menu at Columbia Harbour House is mostly seafood, but not entirely. Two of the three entrees we ordered were not seafood. The entree I ordered was the Trio Platter. It had Fried Shrimp, Fried Fish, and Chicken Strips. It came with hushpuppies and a side. For my side, I chose French Fries. I probably should have chosen a healthier side, but it just wasn't that type of day. If you have more willpower than I do they do offer not-fried side options like green beans and rice. This platter was good. It wasn't next level (if you are looking for next-level fried fish try Cookes of Dublin in Disney Springs or the Yorkshire County Fish Shop in EPCOT's World Showcase.) But it was solid food and a ton of it for less than $15. The Doom Burger was another entree ordered at our table. This restaurant has a few Haunted Mansion-themed options and this was one of them. It is a plant-based crab cake burger. This is what my husband ordered and he did not realize it was plant-based when he ordered it, nor could he tell it was while eating it. He was halfway through it when I said "isn't that plant-based?" I think he saw a Haunted Mansion-themed name and the words crab cake and was sold. Jake and I both tried it and it was good! Not great but for a plant-based crab cake sandwich, it was quite good. It was served on a black bun (I guess that's the "doom" part??) It came with fries. Honestly, weirdest name ever. It has nothing to do with what you get. It is like someone thought "wouldn't it be awesome if we named a burger a Doom Burger, since the cars that take you around the Haunted Mansion are called Doom Buggies?" But then they didn't sell a burger anywhere near Haunted Mansion so they stuck the name on a vegan crab cake sandwich. I mean..what?? I am not a fan of the look of the black (which is actually more of a dark brown) bun. Seems more gross than spooky looking. The last entree we tried was the Sea Captain Catch, but with a twist. Jake isn't a fan of seafood so he asked the cast member what they would recommend to someone who wanted a nonseafood option. He recommended getting the Sea Captain Catch but substituting fried chicken for fried fish and having them remove the tarter sauce and adding mayo yourself. The insane part is this was my favorite thing that we ordered. And I LOVE seafood! It was chicken strips in a thick batter (like a fish and chip batter) topped with slaw. It was just shockingly good. So if someone in your party doesn't like fish, this is our recommendation. Don't forget to ask for no tarter sauce! That would be weird with chicken. The only downside to this surprisingly good chicken sandwich was that they put it on a "black" bun even though it did not have a Haunted Mansion name. Why? Good question. I don't like the look. We also ordered a Happy Haunts Milkshake. This was another one where the title of the shake told you nothing about it. However, it was better themed than the 'Doom Burger." First off, It's a blackberry shake, so it is purple. Then it is topped with a glazed chocolate cake donut with purple icing and black sprinkles. Most importantly it came with a wide paper straw that had the Haunted Mansion wallpaper design printed onto it. The shake was yummy and I'd order it again for the straw alone. If it had been a plastic straw I would have washed and taken it home, but you know how those paper straws do, they barely last as long as your drink. The donut topper wasn't a great doughnut. It was just fine. The overall look? Totally Instagramable! I'm surprised I don't see more of these on my Instagram feed actually. I think I'll go post a picture of mine now. 😂 All in all. Columbia Harbour House was a hit for us! I had low expectations so that probably helped, but I would recommend this as a Magic Kingdom quick-serve. It wasn't cheap (but not much is in Magic Kingdom) but it was good and filling and a little different from the burgers and hot dogs at a lot of the quick-serve spots. If this review helped you PLEASE consider subscribing to our YouTube channel. Whenever we release a YouTube review vlog, I put out a blog version! Also, we have a super fun podcast! It’s called Neverland Navigation Radio and it is available wherever you normally listen to podcasts. Check out our links below! YouTube ETSY Instagram TikTok Podcast Links- (We are on pretty much all podcast suppliers! Just search Neverland Navigation Radio) Apple Podcast Link Spotify Podcast Link Google Podcast Link Thanks for your support! See ya real soon! 💖 Morgan

  • Is Sanaa at Disney World worth the hype?

    Jambo! Morgan here, from Neverland Navigation Co. and Neverland Navigation Radio podcast! Here today to talk to you about one of Disney World's most famous non-park restaurants, Sanaa! This restaurant is a FAVORITE of locals and worth checking out. Check out our vlog below to see our VIDEO review of Sanaa! Sanaa is located in the gorgeous Animal Kingdom Lodge resort. Kidani Village to be exact. There are two sections of Animal Kingdom Lodge, Jambo House, and Kidani Village. Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of my favorite WDW hotels and it is usually the least expensive Deluxe Disney hotel. (Often by a lot!) This is surprising because nearly half the rooms have views of the savannah and you can see animals walking around from your hotel window! How cool is that? The issue with the hotel and its amazing restaurants is the location. It is next to Animal Kingdom, and unfortunately, there is no convenient and fun transportation (ex: a Monorail, a Skyliner, or a boat) to or from this hotel or the restaurants inside of it. Jake and I often joke about how Animal Kingdom is in its own world, sitting about a 15-minute drive away from the other 3 Disney theme parks. Lonely and overlooked. 😔 Well not really, on average (as of last year) 38 thousand of people visit Animal Kingdom daily. But back to getting there. If you are driving it is fine, but if you are flying to WDW and relying on Disney's transportation systems, you would have to be okay with taking the bus everywhere you go if you are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you happen to be staying at a different WDW resort and you aren't driving but want to eat at Sanaa, you would have to take a bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge from a park or pay for a rideshare. So it can be a bit inconvenient, depending on your circumstance. The restaurant's location within Animal Kingdom Lodge is wonderful. There is a parking garage you can park in if you are dining here, which is convenient. The restaurant has huge arched windows covering half the restaurant so you can see the animals while you dine. The decor goes along with the rest of Animal Kingdom Lodge and has African decor (fun hidden Mickeys) and medium-dark woods throughout. Here is a weird thing to mention, but I am going to go there, the bathrooms here are also beautiful and well-maintained. I know, I know. It's a weird thing to mention, but it's a thing I notice so there it is. Apart from the location, everything was pretty great! I’ll take you item by item through what we ordered and how it was and show you some pictures of the food and the restaurant. We started with a Press Pot of coffee. They serve Joffrey's Kenyan Coffee here and I've heard others give Joffrey's a hard time, but we are avid coffee drinkers and we thought this pot of coffee was lovely. One Press Pot gives you a little over 3 cups of coffee. I was impressed by the coffee and thought this was well worth the $9 it cost, especially if you are splitting it as we did. The first and most important thing that we ordered was the Indian-Style Bread Service. They are FAMOUS for their bread service. It is a must-get and it has a bit of a cult following. It comes with five different kinds of Naan Breads and 9 Dips. It is a flavorful and fun experience. The idea is to tear pieces of the Naan and try it with all 9 different African sauces. Some you'll adore, some you probably won't love, but you will definitely have fun. The sauces range from spicy to sweet with some in the middle. I particularly loved the roasted red pepper hummus and the mango chutney, but some of the more unusual flavors were good as well. We loved that it wasn't just delicious, it was a conversation starter and a group experience. We also got the Samosas appetizer. They are Potato and Pea Samosas with Tamarind and Mango Chutney. The pastry was flaky and the sweetness from the mango chutney complemented the warm spices they used for the creamy filling. This was another win for us. For one of our entrees, we got the "Potjie Inspired", where you choose a "Journey" (meat) and a "Harvest" (plant-based side) We chose "Butter Chicken" for the "Journey" and "Chickpea Wat" for the "Harvest". It was also served with a scoop of scented Basmati Rice. Butter Chicken is a recipe I already know and love and Sanaa definitely hit this one out of the park. It was prepared perfectly. This is also a pretty safe choice if this is your first experience with Indian food. The sauce is creamy and has a perfect blend of Indian spices but isn't spicy. The "Chickpea Wat" was also quite good. We learned from the Glossary provided on the menu that a "Wat" (you would not believe how much my auto-correct hates this word. 😂 It wants to correct it to "was") is a stew. But it really seemed like roasted chickpeas in a thin Indian spiced sauce. This dish was great and I would recommend it. Another entree that we tried was the Tandoori Chicken. This is a dish where chicken is marinated in yogurt and spices and then roasted in a clay 'Tandoor' oven. It was served on Naan Bead with pickled onion, tomato, and Sambal Mayo. We debated a bit about how best to eat it but landed on using a knife and fork and making sure to get a little of everything in every bite. You could also cut it into wedges and eat it like a (messy) pizza. We all enjoyed this dish as well. It packed a bunch of those South Asian spices without being spicy or overwhelming, The last entree we ordered was what we would consider a safe bet if you have a picky eater with you. It was the Sanaa Burger. The burger was cooked to order and topped with spiced mustard and Peppadew-Goat Cheese. If you have a SUPER picky eater you could leave those toppings off, but I would recommend leaving them. The tangy goat cheese added interest to the dish. I loved that the Goat Cheese flavor really stood out. This burger was NOT a quick-serve burger with stuff added to make it seem interesting when it is really just a cheap burger like you would find in a value resort quick-serve (I'm looking at you terrible $20 burger at all-star sports!) This one was leaps and bounds better than any burger that I have at a WDW quick serve. It was juicy and seasoned and fresh. Seriously, it was one of the best burgers I have ever had! It was served with Indian spice seasoned potato chips that looked like Ruffles. We also tried a couple of desserts! The first was a Serradura, a butterscotch pudding served in a glass with almond streusel, pineapple pieces, mango pieces, and Breton Shortbread. The Shortbread was like a biscotti, I was not a fan. Maybe it would be nice dunked in coffee, but stuck into a pudding it didn't work for me. The pudding itself did not taste like Butterscotch in the slightest. So this was definitely the worst part of this meal. What a bummer, because I LOVE butterscotch. The second dessert we tried was their seasonal dessert (circa 10/2022) and the waitress recommended it and described it as a candy bar. It was also just meh. It had layers like a candy bar but it wasn't exceptional. I guess when I come back to Sanaa I will skip dessert or try one of the other two options. Value-wise, this was a good deal for a specialty WDW restaurant. When we went (10/22) the Bread Service was $21, the Sanaa Burger was $20, the Tandoori Chicken was $21 and the Potjie Inspired was $30. The worst "value" of the things we ordered were the desserts. Again, I cannot recommend desserts here at this time. They came in at $9 each, we didn't love them and they were small. I mean, I wouldn't really call them a sharable size. Especially the Butterscotch pudding. However, the desserts were the only issue. This restaurant is an experience in addition to a meal, so that adds to the value. All-in-all this restaurant was a WINNER! I will 100% be returning and I would recommend it to anyone local, staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, or has a non-park day built into their WDW vacation (which you should!) The food was 99% amazing and different from a lot of the regular stuff you can get at a theme park. Definitely give it a try if you are able. If this review helped you PLEASE consider subscribing to our YouTube channel. Whenever we release a YouTube review vlog, I put out a blog version! Also, we have a super fun podcast! It’s called Neverland Navigation Radio and it is available wherever you normally listen to podcasts. Check out our links below! YouTube ETSY Instagram TikTok Podcast Links- (We are on pretty much all podcast suppliers! Just search Neverland Navigation Radio) Apple Podcast Link Spotify Podcast Link Google Podcast Link Thanks for your support! See ya real soon! 💖 Morgan Below is a picture of our dining companion. 😂 This guy was between 10-30 feet from us for most of our meal.

  • Art of Animation

    Hi! Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co, your personal guides to all things Walt Disney World and BEYOND! Today we are going to show you around the newest (and most expensive) Value Resort on WDW property. I'll take you through the rooms, grounds, amenities, and more at Disney's Art of Animation Resort! To see our full review and room tour of Art of Animation click the video below. The colorful resort that is now "Art of Animation" was originally planned to be the second half of the Pop Century Resort. With one half being the "Classic Years" which included buildings from the 1950s-1990s and one half being the "Legendary Years" with decades from the 1900s-1940s represented. After the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001 this project was paused because tourism dropped. They eventually resumed work and "The Classic Years" were opened in 2003. They announced the plan to open "The Legendary Years" in 2007. For reasons unknown, they never resumed construction on "The Legendary Years" and those buildings sat there grey and empty for YEARS. The shells of the hotel were all up and rooms were even built in the 1940s section, but at some point, they stopped and just never picked it back up. In 2010 they announced they were going to resume work on those buildings but they would be retheming them to be "The Art of Animation" featuring movie sections such as The Little Mermaid, Cars, The Lion King, and Finding Nemo. Since the rooms were already built in the 1940s they made that section into "The Little Mermaid” section, which houses Art of Animation's only 'studio rooms'. The other three sections were made into Family Suites! We have stayed in the "The Little Mermaid" studio room before and I am a HUGE fan. Mostly because I am a hard-core Ariel fanatic. When I was little I'd beg to watch The Little Mermaid over and over. The studio rooms are similar to Pop Century. They are small but comfortable and they have lots of Little Mermaid touches. We even found a "Hidden Mickey" in the shower which looks like Ariel’s Grotto with all her treasures and troves (and a pocket watch with Mickey on it!) For this review, we booked a "Family Suite" in the "The Lion King" section. The room has a living room with a pullout couch bed AND a Murphy bed that can pull into a full-sized bed and then a separate bedroom that has a full-sized bed. The suites have TWO full bathrooms, which is amazingly convenient! The Family Suite buildings have interior hallways as opposed to the "The Little Mermaid" section and the other value resorts, which all have outside hallways. The Family Suite is big enough for 6 people if you are okay with them all being in close quarters. There was a TV in each room and a mini fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. The Lion King rooms had more of a preschool vibe than a classy hotel vibe. Bright colors and fun shapes fill the rooms. The walls were even a lime green color. We liked the decor, I just wanted to point out the difference. If you were expecting Animal Kingdom Lodge style Lion King rooms, you may be disappointed. If you have kids, they will likely LOVE the decor in here. Our favorite parts were the mural on the inside of the Murphy Bed, which was adult Simba sleeping on a vine, and the tiles that made the inside of the showers look like the Lion King Sunset scene. I have mostly good things to say about our stay at the Art of Animation but I'll go ahead and mention the few bad things now. 1) This hotel can be crazy expensive. If the price for two connecting rooms at Pop Century were the same cost or less I would go with Pop Century. The rooms there are a little nicer. ESPECIALLY the fact that the beds in Pop Century and the updated rooms at All-Star Music and All-Star Movies have QUEEN beds. Which brings me to my second gripe. 2) The beds in family suites have full-sized beds. I ranted about this when I wrote my blog about All-Star Sports. Full beds are not big enough for 2 adults comfortably. Especially if you aren't petite adults, but even then. You spent a whole day hot and sweaty park hopping, unless you are on your honeymoon, you probably want your personal space. Here is a weird thing to mention, take it as you will. In the other value resorts, and the Little Mermaid building you have a window facing your outside hallway. I have a love/hate relationship with this. First off, your room is located along an outside hallway where the ground is made of cement leads to a lot of excess noise from people walking by. On the other hand, a popular thing to do in the value resorts is to bring string lights or window clings or to line plushies up in the window for others to enjoy as they walk by. I think this is SO fun! I love seeing the decorated windows by other guests in the know. There is no opportunity to do that in these family suites. The grounds of Art of Animation are where they really shine, They have the GIANT fiberglass statues that signify which building you are in like they do in the other value resorts, but the ones here are a step extra. It's not just a statue of Simba, It’s Simba, Timon, and Pumba walking across the log like in the movie. It's not just Scar, there is a mini elephant graveyard scene that the kids can run through. There are also giant drawings of the characters around the outside of the buildings. The inside area is breathtaking. When you enter the lobby, the wall is covered with ‘concept art’ from when the characters were first developed, and the art on the wall progressively becomes more of the art that resembles the characters as you know them. That concept art wall goes from black and white to color. The check-in desks are colorfully framed in an almost rainbow wave of color (without being a rainbow) Then the wall after you leave the check-in area shows character drawings in color as we know them. In the food court, there are four sections that you can sit in that are themed like the four movies that are represented. But they are just featuring the background art in the sections. The food court area plays covers of songs from the four represented movies. I will hand it to them, their quick-serve food court has better food than the other value resorts. This is a big plus since this is the only dining location at this resort. As I have said in my other blogs about the value resorts, I do recommend getting a refillable souvenir cup. They are $20 and you can refill them with all of the soda, tea, and coffee that you can drink while at the resort during your stay. They aren't refillable in the parks, but we find it nice to have a big cup of coffee in the morning and sodas at night when we come back to the resort. We mostly, if not entirely, drink free water during the park days to attempt to stay hydrated. You can get free cups of water at almost every quick-serve restaurant in the parks. For a long stay, I would buy one refillable cup for each member of my family, but for a short stay, my husband and I split one cup. For pool options, the main pool is the “Big Blue Pool” which is, you guessed it, "Finding Nemo" themed. It is a beautiful and fun pool with statues, water fountains, and fun music playing. There are also smaller and quieter (although less “themed”) pools in the Little Mermaid section (The Flippin' Fins Pool) and the Cars section (The Cozy Cone Pool). There are no hot tubs here which is a feature reserved for ‘Moderate’ and ‘Deluxe’ Disney hotels. All Disney pools are heated year around to keep them at a consistent 82 degrees., The main draw for this hotel is its access to the Skyliner. The Skyliner is the gondola-esqe transportation you can take to get to EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and other hotels (that have great sit-down restaurants!) - Caribbean Beach and the Riveria. A small downside is that if you are a person too scared of heights to want to take the Skyliner, getting to EPCOT or Hollywood Studios will be a bit tougher (or more expensive if you choose to go the Uber or Lyft or ‘Minnie Van’ route) because they don't run buses from Art of Animation (or any of the Skyliner loop hotels) to Hollywood Studios or EPCOT because they assume everyone will take the skyliner. I’m honestly not a big fan of this policy! I know a few people that can't stomach the height and thought of traveling along a string (ok ok, cable really) to get where they are going. Some people prefer to stay closer to the ground and I can completely understand that. So it is something to bear in mind when you consider which hotel is best for you. If you aren't a Skyliner fan, this one might not be for you. If you are a Skyliner fan, this makes this resort so much more convenient than the All-Star resorts AND all of the moderate resorts except Caribbean Beach. A trip in the Skyliner to Epcot or Hollywood studios is faster and more fun than the bus. Other amenities to check out at Art of Animation include the arcade, the bright and colorful gift shop, and the walking trails. They also have a self-serve laundry area if you find yourself needing it. If you are looking for a family suite that isn’t as expensive as the DVC hotel (deluxe) options this one might be perfect for you. If it were me I’d be checking the price of two connecting rooms at All-Star Music, All-Star Movies, and Pop Century and then deciding based on that factor. If 2 connecting rooms were cheaper, then that is probably what I would choose. The main difference between Pop Century and All-Star is the Skyliner access. Since a recent refurbishment, the rooms at Pop Century, All-Star Music, and All-Star Movies are nearly identical. The resorts that I just mentioned have bigger and more comfortable beds and have been more recently refurbished, Although DO NOT stay at All-Star Sports unless you have read it has been refurbished. At this time (October 2022) It has not been refurbished and the rooms are unacceptable and in desperate need of refurbishment. The prices at Art of Animation seem to vary greatly from one day to another so that is something else to keep in mind. If I could get a Little Mermaid studio room for $200 or less I probably would, because of the Skyliner access and the fact that The Little Mermaid was my childhood favorite and I am a sucker for the theming. If this review helped you PLEASE consider subscribing to our youtube channel. Whenever we release a YouTube review vlog, I put out a blog version! Also, we have the most fun podcast ever! It’s called Neverland Navigation Radio and it is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Check out our links below! YouTube ETSY Instagram TikTok Podcast Links- (We are on pretty much all podcast suppliers! Just search Neverland Navigation Radio) Apple Podcast Link Spotify Podcast Link Google Podcast Link Thanks for your support! See ya real soon!

  • The BEST Character Breakfast in all of Walt Disney World

    Ciao! Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co., your personal guides to all things Walt Disney World and beyond. Disney Character Breakfasts are classic. It is one of the quintessential Disney must-do, especially if you have kids in your group. But MANY of the character breakfasts are very expensive and the food is just so-so. I have walked out of many of the breakfasts unable to focus on the cute experience I just had because I can't shake the sour feeling that I just spent over $100 on scrambled eggs and mickey waffles that had been sitting under a heat lamp. Not to mention my concern with germs at a buffet. I have been a server at a buffet restaurant and I have seen some things that were nothing short of traumatizing. Because of all of these reasons I have been on the lookout for a BETTER character dining experience. And guess what? I found it! Come with me as we try Topolino's Terrace - Flavors of the Riviera. Check out our full review, in the video, by clicking below! Topolino's is located in the GORGEOUS Riviera resort. The Riviera is a new hotel and it is STUNNING. It is themed to look like a resort on the breathtaking Italian Riviera. Topolino means "baby mouse" in Italian, and it is what Italians affectionately call Mickey Mouse. Topolino's Terrace is rooftop dining at the Riviera, and it has magnificent views. The Riviera is also on the Skyliner loop! So it is a convenient location before your Epcot or Hollywood Studios day! The characters that you will get to see and interact with are Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy. They are all wearing artist costumes, which thought was such a cool twist. Mickey is a painter, Minnie is a poet, Daisy is a dancer and Donald is a sculptor. They come to your table and you can get autographs and pictures. This is really part of what you pay for at these restaurants. If you were to want a picture with a character in the park you would wind up waiting in line for hours to get to see 4 characters. Painter Mickey Above. Poet Minnie Above. Sculptor Donald Above. Ballerina Daisy Above. The service we received at this location was over-the-top excellent. I almost didn't mention it, because you very well might end up with a different server, but it wasn't just the server that was amazing. The host, the food runners, and the manager were ALL especially friendly and welcoming. The food here is what made it for us. As I alluded to at the beginning of this post, the food has seemed like an afterthought when it came to character dining in the past. That is still true at some of the character dining locations. Not here. It is not a buffet but a prix fixe menu. It is kind of like a cruise in that if you want more you can get more. They used to allow you to even order more than 1 entree, but people took advantage (shame on those people!) so they had to change it. But we were allowed to order an entree and ask for a side of something else. They start you off with POG JUICE!!! Our favorite! Most Disney breakfasts start you off with POG juice. It is a blend of Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava juice and It is amazing! It is sweet and lightly tangy and a wonderful morning beverage. They also bring you coffee or another drink if you would like. Standard drinks are included in the price. They then bring you a paint can filled with pastries! How fun is this?? They were also pretty good! They didn't taste like "Sams club" pastries from a box - if you know what I mean. There was an assortment of pastry toppings like jam, Nutella, and butter as well as a fun paintbrush-shaped spreading knife. What a cute start this was. For entrees, we got a bunch of things to try. Let me start with the avocado toast. Pictured above. When I saw this on the menu I didn't think it would be anything special or worth the price. I was wrong. It was amazing and fresh tasting and we absolutely loved it. Our server said it is her favorite thing on the menu. In addition to this, we got a side of Smoked Salmon. Since it was a side it came with half of an everything bagel, a slice of tomato, red onion, cream cheese, and capers. It was average. Nothing special I guess but it was good. We also got the 'Bread Pudding' entree. This one was confusing. It is written: "Bread Pudding Roasted Potatoes and Seasonal Compote, Choice of Bacon, Ham, Sausage, or Plant-Based Sausage." Because there were no flavors or descriptors about the bread pudding I thought it was going to be savory. But it wasn't, it was sweet. I guess the word compote should have tipped me off. The other thing is, I LOVE Bread Pudding. We get it every time it is offered and eventually, I will be bringing you a "Bread Puddings of WDW ranked" article. (Raglan Road is winning now. See that article here if you love bread passing -->. BUT, this one was not good. It was dry and didn't have any fun flavors. I was disappointed in this dish which is weird because I love bread pudding so much. We also had a Frittata, which has since been replaced by a Quiche on the menu, but the ingredients are the same. The only difference between a frittata and a quiche is the quiche has a pie crust. We really liked the frittata. the consistency was perfect and the seasoning was good. This item came with a side of breakfast potatoes (which came with a few of the other entrees as well) and the potatoes were great. They were cooked perfectly and seasoned well. We got a side of Fresh Fruit. They had a fruit plate on the menu, but we asked about getting a side of the fruit and they said they could do that at no additional cost. Jake said the fruit was to die for. I appreciated that it wasn't cheap and flavorless fruit like you get from a fruit bowl most of the time. I told the waitress I was torn between the Bread Pudding and the Sour Cream Waffle and she suggested I get the bread pudding and a side of the waffle. (Again, this is something they do since this is kind of like an all you can eat) The Sour Cream Waffle was the best thing I had. It was AUH-MAZING! When I go back this is what I will be ordering and suggesting that my friends and family order. It was fluffy in the middle, crispy on the outside, and had a scoop of creamy Chantilly cream, fruit, and maple syrup with a hint of orange flavor. The flavors and textures that this dish had were mind-blowing. I don't usually get worked up over things like waffles. But this one was different. I loved every bite of it. We also got a Wood-fired Butcher's Steak. It was flavorful and buttery and served on a bed of polenta. It was quite good! It's also probably the best bang for your buck value-wise. Pricing-wise, Topolino's Terrace is expensive. But I felt it was worth it. It costs (at the time of this writing) $42 per adult and $27 per child 9 or under. They do give discounts to pass holders and possibly other groups such as DVC and/or Disney Chase card members so make sure you ask your server. All in all, I cannot recommend this restaurant enough! The food was so yummy, the characters and their outfits were so cute, and the restaurant was gorgeous. What an AWESOME way to start your day. Did this review help you? Please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel to stay in the loop! Our home base is NeverlandNavigation.Co, we do a weekly YouTube review and we do a podcast. In addition to being on Facebook, and Instagram and selling shirts on ETSY! Check out our links below! YouTube ETSY Instagram TikTok Podcast Links- (We are on pretty much all podcast suppliers! Just search Neverland Navigation Radio) Apple Podcast Link Spotify Podcast Link Google Podcast Link Thanks for your support! See ya real soon! Check out our YouTube review! 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  • Food Guide for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (Spoiler: It was Not-So-Great)

    Hello and Boo to you! (What a weird greeting they created for this event) Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co., your personal guides to everything WDW and beyond! I had the pleasure of attending my FIRST after-hours event this year, when we went to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. It was quite the swinging wake and I am so happy I was able to attend. In this article, I am going to stick to my favorite subject, food. We were thrilled to get to try many of the quirky and festively themed goodies that the Halloween Party had to offer. We tried 3 sweet drinks, 3 savory snacks and 2 sweet snacks (plus LOTS of candy.) It's best to look at the list of Halloween food options and make a list of the things you want to try the most. Having a game plan is essential for the Halloween party, and you certainly don't want to waste any time by standing in line twice or hiking back to a previously conquered land to grab a desired snack. This is a limited-time thing after all. In addition, some of the Halloween snacks are available during regular park hours, so if you are able to get tickets to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party you may want to opt to get snacks that are only offered during the party (party exclusives) and get the other snacks on other days. This of course only works if you are either a passholder or someone taking a vacation who has a Magic Kingdom day planned in addition to the party day. Here is a list of options: TOMORROWLAND- Aunt Gravity's: Not-So-Poison Apple Pie Milkshake - Apple Pie Milkshake with Green Apple Whipped Cream, Sour Apple Marshmallow Straw and 2 Cinnamon Donut Holes. (Party Exclusive.) Sweet Candy Corn Soft Serve Cone - Sweet Corn and Vanilla Soft Serve topped with a Candy Corn Chocolate Bow. Cheshire Cafe: Binx Pastry Tail - This is the same as the Cheshire Cat Tail offered during normal Magic Kingdom times, with a Binx twist. Croissant like Pastry drizzled with Dark Chocolate and a Binx Chocolate Piece. Cold Witches Brew Coffee - (I really think this should have been written Cold "Witches Brew" Coffee, so that it doesn't look like the Witches are cold, but Disney felt otherwise.) French Vanilla Cold Brew topped with Pumpkin Spice Whipped Cream and Halloween Sprinkles. Cosmic Ray's: Bayou Burger - (Is a Bayou Halloween-ish?) Burger with Jalepeno Pimento Cheese, Crispy Andouille Sausage, and Garlic Pickles. MAIN STREET- Casey's Corner: Pain and Panic Hot Dog - Hot Dog with Sweet and Spicy Onion Relish, Sriracha Mustard, and topped with Spicy Cheese Flavored Snacks (What??) Winifred's Elixir of Youth - Black Tea Slush with Kiwi Foam and Winifred Chocolate Piece (Party Exclusive) Plaza Ice Cream Parlor: Monster Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich - Monster Cookies filled with Vanilla Ice Cream (Party Exclusive) Main Street Bakery: Oh My Gourd Cupcake - Pumpkin Spice Cupcake with Cinnamon Cream Cheeses Icing with Dark Chocolate "ears" Popcorn Cart near Cinderella's Castle: Mexican Spiced Hot "COCO" Brownie - Spiced Chocolate Brownie with Dark Chocolate Ganache topped with a Miguel Chocolate Piece. (Party Exclusive) Snack Cart near Cinderella's Castle: M&Ms Peanut Butter Churro - Churro rolled in Peanut Butter Sauce and topped with Peanut Butter M&Ms. FANTASYLAND- Friar's Nook: Hades Hot Dog - Spicy Hot Dog , Hades' Relish, Violet Mustard and Pickles. Un Poco Loco Tots - Chorizo, Green Onion and Hades' Cheese Sauce on top of Tater Tots. (Party Exclusive) ADVENTURELAND- Golden Oak Outpost (by Pirates of the Caribbean): Spellbinding Fried Pie - Buffalo Chicken, Mozzarella and Blue Cheese mixed and then wrapped in a flaky Pastry Dough and fried. Topped with a Candy Eye and Jalepeno Ranch Aioli. Peco's Bills: Sweet Almond Corn Cake - Sweet Almond Corn Cake drizzled with white, orange and yellow Chocolate and topped with Candy Corn. (Party Exclusive) Sunshine Tree Terrace: Jack-O-Lantern Float - Citrus Swirl with Fanta topped with Brown Sugar Whipped Cream, and Graham Cracker Crumbs (Party Exclusive) LIBERTY SQUARE- Ice Cream Cart near Haunted Mansion: Chilling Chamber Pop - Chocolate Crumbs, Cherry Buttercream and Dark Chocolate Pearls topped. with a Tightrope Walker Chocolate Piece. (Party Exclusive at this location, if you want it during non party hours, try Sleepy Hollow Refreshments) Liberty Square Market: Monster Cookie Sugar Cookie - Sugar Cookie with Candy Eyes and Halloween Sprinkles Sleepy Hollow Refreshments: Grave Digger Milkshake - Coconut and Matcha topped with Whipped Cream, a Chocolate Shovel, and Gravestone. Worms and Dirt Funnel Cake - Funnel Cake topped with Chocolate Ice Cream, Cookie Crumbles, Gummy Worms and a Billy Chocolate Piece. (Party Exclusive) Chilling Chamber Pop - Chocolate Crumbs, Cherry Buttercream and Dark Chocolate Pearls topped. with a Tightrope Walker Chocolate Piece. So that's a pretty extensive list! With quite a bit of "what the heck?!" options thrown in. We didn't have the time or stomach space to fit most of these in, but I'd love to tell you about the ones we did try and give you my overall impression. First things first we headed over to Adventureland to try the Spellbinders Fried Pie. This is like a Buffalo Chicken casserole filling inside a flaky pastry. It looks like a pop tart. Then it has a jalapeño ranch drizzle and a sugar eyeball. So that sugar eyeball... what?? I feel like I'm doing a "which thing doesn't belong in this picture" game. I did NOT try it with the sugar eye, my husband did and said it was surprisingly good. But you don't have to trust his tastes here, I certainly didn't. Otherwise, it was good. Not great. In this area we also tried the Jack-O-Lantern Float (pictured above.) It is a creamy mix of Citrus Swirl Soft Serve and Fanta. If you are a fan of those two flavors you will like this. It is a pretty easy-to-imagine flavor combination and it tastes as you would expect. It wasn't as awesomely decorated as the other things that we tried. The orange color of the Fanta is what made it "Halloween" I guess. The menu description mentioned brown sugar whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs which we didn't receive, but that seemed like the weird part of this anyway. Next we tried the Sweet Almond Corn Cake. This thing LOOKED like a fried ear of corn up close. Truly, when they handed it to me, I was confused. I thought, Is this corn? I thought we were getting a cake. And it was a cake! Not a good one, but a cake nonetheless. It was like a magic trick. It's not like they used one of those cornbread muffin tins where the muffins are shaped like corn either. I mean check out the picture! I'm sure it was actually something like that, but somehow with more detail. Unfortunately, the cake was a bit dry and smothered in white chocolate which wasn't the best combination. So quality and flavor wise this "cake" didn't do too well. In Fantasyland, we tried the Hades' Hot Dog at Friar Nook's. I Liked it. Jake didn't love it though. It was spicy and had a spicy relish and purple mustard. Why purple? Hades' color is blue. In the description, they even call it "violet mustard", making it sound even less "ruler of the underworld," in my opinion. At Friar Nook's we also got the Un Poco Loco Tots. These names are wild. Nothing about this was "Coco" unless they are saying it was 'Coco" because Chorizo is often used in Mexican cuisine. It's a stretch. Anyway. These are tater tots, topped with Chorizo (but not super flavorful chorizo), green onion and Hades' Cheese Sauce. No Idea why the cheese sauce was "Hades." But this snack was pretty boring. At The Cheshire Cafe we tried the Cold Witches Brew Coffee. The coffee was NOT good. The cold brew was unsweetened and very bitter. The only good part was the pumpkin spice whipped cream which somehow tasted like a pumpkin muffin and was delicious. At the Cheshire Cafe we also got the Binx Tail. I should've known better, because I have tried the lackluster Cheshire Cat Tail and been unimpressed, but then I was convinced by all the Binx cuteness. So I got to be disappointed by the flavor again. This was like a cheap bagged croissant from grocery store with chocolate drizzled on top. It tastes old and cheap. In Tomorrowland, we got the Not-So-Poison Apple Pie Milkshake. I had high hopes for this one. It is just so fun looking! It was a really photogenic milkshake. The flavor, unfortunately, was pretty bad. The milkshake itself tasted more like vanilla than apple pie. The whipped cream was fun and bright green and tasted like a green apple jolly rancher - but creamy, which was weird but fun. The cinnamon donut holes were not sweet. More like a hushpuppy with cinnamon sugar on it and the marshmallow that looked like a poison apple was fun to look at, but ultimately, just a big plain marshmallow. Overall, disappointing.. All in all I was shocked at how boring the flavors were. Everything we purchased got an A+ for presentation, but the flavors were a BIG miss. This is the "theme park" food flavors that have gotten such a bad rap over the years. I would HIGHLY recommend eating a big meal before starting the Halloween party and not relying on the fun-looking food there to be a meal. Next year I plan to book a reservation at an all-you-care-to-enjoy restaurant around 2 and head over to the party immediately after. I'm sure I'll still wind up trying a few instagram worthy treats but at least I won't be spending nearly $100 on food and being disappointed in the flavors. If you want MORE Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party info check out our Vlog and Podcast! Our podcast, Neverland Navigation Radio, has an episode entitled "Doing 'Not-So-Scary' So So Right" that is all about the party and you can find it wherever you normally listen to podcasts. Or watch our Vlog on YouTube (above), and please consider subscribing to help us out. Check out our home base at NeverlandNavigation.Co A few more links are below! 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  • Animal Kingdom's BOMA, Reviewed!

    Jambo! Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co., your personal guides to all things Walt Disney World and Beyond! Today we are going to talk about Animal Kingdom Lodge's buffet restaurant, called Boma. Animal Kingdom Lodge is a beautiful and intricately themed Deluxe resort at Walt Disney World, and we were thrilled to get to try this restaurant's breakfast buffet. This restaurant is located a floor below the check-in area at Animal Kingdom Lodge the main building of Jambo House. It is a big space that you walk by when you walk to the pool and it is somewhere that I have always wanted to try. The space is decorated in African style decor and there is an expansive buffet at the front of the room. This is not a character buffet. WDW's African-inspired character buffet is called Tusker House and it is located in Africa in Animal Kingdom park. The fact that this is not a character buffet may benefit you in two ways though. 1) It's easier to get reservations for Boma than most other Disney buffets. 2) It is CHEAPER than Disney character buffets. At $29 per person for an all-you-can-eat breakfast (at the time of writing) we found this to be an exceptional value. Above is our YouTube VLOG reviewing Boma! Feel free to check it out, or you can pass it and keep reading! The location of BOMA is the biggest "con" for this restaurant. Unless you are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge! It is a no-brainer breakfast option if you are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you aren't staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, then it is a bit of a hassle to get to. The Animal Kingdom area is about 15 minutes away from the other WDW parks and the only form of transportation is a bus if you aren't driving yourself. If you are driving yourself then it would be nice to start your Animal Kingdom park day by driving to Animal Kingdom Lodge, having breakfast, and then driving to Animal Kingdom. If you are staying elsewhere and NOT driving, then you would either have to uber, or you would take a bus to Animal Kingdom, then a bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge, or you can take a bus from another park. So, as you can see, a hassle. Fortunately, that is basically the only "con." Everything else was really amazing! The service was great, the decor was fun and the food was awesome! We loved the African options as well as the American traditional breakfast foods. The buffet had so many different kinds of food that everyone in your party is sure to be happy. We started with Disney's famous breakfast juice concoction, POG juice. Oh my gosh, this stuff is FANTASTIC! It's a blend of Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava and it is wonderful! Sweet with a slight tang. Since drinks come with your breakfast buffet your server will also offer you coffee and then tell you to go ahead and hit the buffet! There is generally a line, so I would suggest grabbing two plates if you are talented like that. I like my sweet and syrupy things on one plate and my savory options on another. I guess I'm a diva. Some of the classic food options included; scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, french-toast bread pudding with a vanilla cream sauce (my favorite!), pastries, and of course Mickey Waffles. To our delight, they offer a "Simba" Waffle too! How cute is that?? The picture above are classic cinnamon rolls. In my humble opinion, Disney needs to rethink their icing to roll ratio. 😂 Below you can see the pancake and waffle section and below that part of the pastry section. For some of the more interesting and new-to-me African options, there were; Turkey Bobotie, Tomato and Watermelon Salad, Coconut Steel Cut Oatmeal, Oak Fired Asparagus, Oak Fired Tomatoes, Pap (creamy white cornmeal), Chakalaka (South African Spicy Tomato Stew), and Western African Sweet Plantains. I especially liked the Pap topped with a little of the Chakalaka and the Coconut Steel Cut Oatmeal topped with honey and banana chips. My family couldn't get enough of the sweet plantains. The picture directly below is the Pap and Chakalaka. I assume they are supposed to be eaten together because they were next to each other on the buffet. I liked the combination. The picture below that is the Watermelon Tomato salad. It wasn't for me, but still, I appreciate that it is there as a new and interesting option to try. I really enjoyed getting to try some of these unique-to-me dishes at Boma. I mean, where else are you introduced to these types of foods, but also given the classic American options of cinnamon rolls and Mickey-shaped waffles? It's a win-win because you can try new things and fill up on your go-to favorite breakfast options. Below I am going to share a bunch of pictures of the food! If this article helped you, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel or listening to our podcast! The podcast is called Neverland Navigation RADIO and you can find us on pretty much all podcast platforms. Our home base is where you can see all that we do in one place! A few more links are below! YouTube ETSY Instagram TikTok Podcast Links- (We are on pretty much all podcast suppliers! Just search Neverland Navigation Radio) Apple Podcast Link Spotify Podcast Link Google Podcast Link

  • EPCOT's Spice Road Table, Reviewed!

    Essalam! (That is how a greeting is pronounced in Moroccan Arabic! It technically translates to "Peace be upon you." How wonderful is that??) Today we are going to travel far and wide to Morocco (EPCOT's Morocco pavilion that is) to sample food at a true WDW hidden gem. Or should I have said, "diamond in the rough"? That would possibly imply that there aren't LOTS of great EPCOT dining locations, which there are, so I'll stick with "hidden gem". Why hidden? Because this restaurant is a WALK-UP and usually has no wait! Come with us on our Arabian night as we try out Spice Road Table. Let me start by telling you how awesome the atmosphere here is! We sat inside, but the outside is pretty here too. I don't sit outside unless the weather is cooler, but during the times when it is cool enough to eat outside, this is a great location. The restaurant is WATERFRONT, you guys! I mean, it's basically on top of World Showcase Lagoon. There aren't even footpaths between the restaurant and the water views, which is amazing because if you are hoping for a firework viewing or just a beautiful view of the water and Spaceship Earth, this is it! There aren't crowds of people in your way. The inside of the restaurant has HUGE near floor-to-ceiling windows all along the wall with the view, and on the outside patio, it is, of course, all view. The decor is Moroccan (shocking I know) and all the details are beautiful and transportive. I particularly loved the copper-topped and intricately designed tables. The lighting is also gorgeous. On to the most important part, the food!!! This is a tapas restaurant, so you order small plates and share. This is how we roll anyway. I can never decide on one thing, so this blog/vlog/podcast gave me the perfect excuse to get to try a bunch of different plates at any given restaurant. But here, that's how it works anyway. Yay! We started with an Iced Mint Tea! Unfortunately, I didn't love it. But if you love a STRONG spearmint flavor then you may enjoy it. It tasted like liquid Extra Spearmint Gum to me. The first 'food' thing I'll talk about is the Naan spreads. Bread and dips?! Yes, please! This plate was served with soft and floury Naan bread, Hummus, Chermoula (a condiment made with parsley, cilantro, garlic, citrus, and warm spices), Marinated Olives, and Za'atar (A combination of dried herbs including oregano thyme, marjoram, sumac, and sesame seeds). I especially loved the creamy hummus and the salty olives, but it was all amazing. Everything was very flavorful! I highly recommend this dish. The next thing we got was the Spice Road Table Sampler. I love a sampler for the reasons mentioned earlier. I want to try everything when we go to a restaurant. This sampler had Lamb Kefta, Spiced Chicken, and Tiropitakia. These also were ALL good! The Lamb Kefta is basically a meatball made with ground lamb and lots of spices and wonderful juicy flavors, the Spiced Chicken had just the right blend of Moroccan spices, and the Tiropitakia was a fun puff pastry filled with cheesy goodness. I would eat all three of these again and I was thrilled that we had the opportunity to try them all. The last thing we ordered was the Dessert Platter. We didn't really enjoy this dish and really didn't think it should've been called a platter. The word platter brings bigger portions to mind than the plate with three nearly bite-sized desserts. More importantly, we were least impressed by the flavors of the desserts. The baklava was the best, but it wasn't great. I've had much better baklava in the past. The other two things were Karydopita (a spiced cake soaked in honey syrup and topped with walnuts) and a Marzipan Cookie. Although we weren't a fan of either, we especially disliked the Marzipan cookie. We felt like it was dry, not sweet enough, and had a weird texture. All-in-all Spice Road is the diamond in the rough that I hadn't expected to find! Beautiful views, easy to get into, and super flavorful food! I highly recommend this restaurant and honestly, I'm shocked that it exists and isn't impossible to get into. Did you love this review? Please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel or checking out our podcast, Neverland Navigation Radio! I'll include the links to everywhere you can find us below! That's all for today, see ya real soon! Our Home Base NeverlandNavigation.Co YouTube ETSY Podcast Links- (We are on pretty much all podcast suppliers! Just search Neverland Navigation Radio) Apple Podcast Link Spotify Podcast Link Google Podcast Link Instagram TikTok

  • The BEST Value Resort at Walt Disney World, REVIEWED! (Spoiler: It's Pop Century)

    Hello there! Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co., your guides to everything Walt Disney World and Beyond! MY favorite Disney World Value Resort is up for review today and I can’t wait to share the fun details about this hotel with you. Let me give you a brief overview of WHY this one is my favorite before jumping into the details. 1) Cost. This hotel costs more than the All Stars hotels but MUCH less than Art of Animation. As a matter of fact, Art of Animation would be my favorite BUT I can’t even make it my favorite because most of the time Art of Animation (a “Value” Resort) costs MORE than a moderate resort! Crazy! 2) Skyliner access! Yessss! Stay at Pop Century and you can hop on the Skyliner to get to EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or any of the other “Skyliner Resorts” to get a great non-park meal (I’m looking at you Topolinos! Yum!) Easy Peasy! 3) Nostalgia! How fun is this hotel? I personally am an 80’s baby and a 90’s kid, but regardless of your age you’ll love all the throw backs. Check out our video review and room tour below, then/or keep reading to hear me rave about this totally tubular hotel. Pop Century has 5 sections and every section is decorated with larger-than-life statues of icons of the decade that they represent. 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s. These buildings are similar to the buildings at the All Star hotels and (at least partially) like the buildings at Art of Animation. My favorite is the 1990’s because of the connection it has to my childhood, but all the sections are fun and the rooms are all basically the same regardless of which decade building you get. I would highly recommend walking around the grounds and checking out all the buildings and all the statues and soaking it all in. Around the outside of the buildings on the jogging trail there are signs with different “trivia type” knowledge about different years. I found that fascinating. I love playing trivia and these signs certainly upped my game. At the back of the grounds is “Hourglass Lake”, which is the lake that separates Pop Century and Art of Animation. There is a bridge over Hourglass Lake, and in the middle of the bridge is the Skyliner entrance. You can walk all the way over the bridge and explore Art of Animation if you’d like. It’s a fun thing to do on a resort day. The Skyliner has just beat out the Monorail as my favorite mode of WDW transportation. I know, I know. It pains me to say it and it may pain you to read it, but the monorail is in need of refreshing. It just is. I also hate hate hate being crammed into a monorail car that has way too many people in it and I hate the occasional smell of pee on the monorail. I'm desperately hoping they update it soon. So, for now, the skyliner wins for me because of it’s newness. The monorail will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart though and I love it for the nostalgic warmth it brings to my soul. The skyliner is like an updated (and enclosed) version of the skybuckets that used to take you from one side of Magic Kingdom to the other. I hear they are also like Gondolas that you may take when you go skiing. (I have never been skiing, so I can only tell you that that is a thing that I have heard.) I was NERVOUS about the skyliner at first. If you are scared of heights at all, you will be too. But it is a smooth and effective way to get around, so I pushed passed my nervousness. Value resorts all have the following: a food court, an arcade, a big main pool with fountains and extra decor, a smaller pool (2 smaller pools in this hotel’s case), a gift shop, a self-serve laundry center, random hidden mickeys, and scheduled activities like outdoor projector showings of Disney Movies. The “main” pool at Pop Century is the Hippy Dippy Pool, which is located in the 1960s section right behind the main building that has the food court, gift shop, etc. There is also a kiddie pool in this area and this is the location where they project Disney Movies during scheduled times. The two other pools on this hotel’s property are the “Computer Pool” located in the 1990s section, and the “Bowling Pin Pool" located in the 1950s section. Those two are smaller and quieter but don’t have “extras” like spraying fountains, kiddie pools, or any of those kinds of extras. The only food option at Pop Century is the food court. The food court is convenient but not great. I have had some good desserts there but I've always been a little disappointed by any meal-type food that I have gotten here. I would recommend getting a refillable souvenir soda cup for $19.99 that can be refilled the entire length of your stay. I find these to be a good value, especially if your stay is longer than a few days. They are not refillable in the parks though, only at the resort. But for $20 you get a cute souvenir cup and all the soda/coffee/tea/hot chocolate that you can drink during your stay. We also got a Mickey Cupcake and the (exclusive to Pop Century) tie-dye cheesecake (which is served in a plastic cup, see below), because they were just too fun sounding to pass up. The flavor wasn’t amazing, but it was fun and made for a fun photo, so I think it was worth whatever small amount we paid for the experience. If you do mobile check in, I still think it would be worth your time to stop by the check-in area to check out the displays of different memorabilia from the different decades. You can hear people around you saying “I had one of those!” in nostalgic glee. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time, especially if you are over 23 years of age, and remember at least one of the decades featured. But even if you are younger you will likely recognize some of the stuff you weren’t even technically alive for because of hand-me-downs, watching reruns of old shows, the inevitable and eventual resurgence of interest of "retro" toys and fashions, and of course your family packrat. The rooms at Pop Century are FANTASTIC! They have ben recently renovated and they feature a queen sized bed and a queen sized Murphy bed which is such an amazing update. It makes the room look much more spacious and open when you first walk in and if you only need one bed then it gives you lots of extra room. If you need the second bed, it easily pulls down and the murphy bed is quite comfortable. The floors are hard wood and the bathrooms are much nicer than they were previously. My only complaint about these hotels is the noise level is a little high. You might want to bring ear plugs, especially if you are a light sleeper. The walls are a little thin and whether it's families getting up at 5am to get breakfast before rope drop or Disney Springs partiers coming back at 2am it seems like there is often someone walking by your door and people just don’t think in their excitement to be quiet because others could be sleeping. I am a light sleeper so this is really an issue I have with every hotel. If you are a heavy sleeper or think you'll be so exhausted from running around all day that this won't be an issue, then I am happy for you (and also jealous!). If you are like me you probably bring earplugs when you go to hotels anyway, and here you will probably need them. If you are looking for a hotel at Walt Disney World, Pop Century is definitely a great option. I would actually choose Pop Century over any of the moderate resorts at this moment! It is better than the All Star Resorts because of the Skyliner access (and I prefer the unique theming of Pop Century) and better than the Moderate hotels because of the renovated rooms and the VALUE! If Pop Century is unavailable or priced way above All Star Movies or Music then please take the time to read or watch our review of the All Stars Resort here --> . If you'd like to read/watch a review of a Moderate Hotel check out our review of Port Orleans Riverside here --> If this review helped you or you want to read or watch more of our WDW adventures and reviews check us out at the links below! We do a podcast, YouTube vlogs, blogs, and almost all of the social media platforms! Our Home Base NeverlandNavigation.Co YouTube ETSY Podcast Links- Apple Podcast Link Spotify Podcast Link Google Podcast Link Instagram TikTok

  • WDW's Boatwright's Dining Hall in Port Orleans, Riverside REVIEW!

    Hi! Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co and Neverland Navigation RADIO. Today we are taking a trip to a restaurant in one of WDW’s resorts. Jake and I have found that some of the BEST restaurants on Disney property reside in the hotels. This is GREAT news because resort restaurants are usually easier to get reservations at than park restaurants. They are the hidden gems in the WDW restaurant world. So today, we are hoping to find another in Port Orleans Riverside as we try Boatwright's Dining Hall! Port Orleans Riverside is a beautiful “moderate” hotel on Disney Property. It is themed to look and feel like the Louisiana countryside. You will see water mills and giant oak trees, and the main swimming pool is themed like an abandoned sawmill on Ol’ Man Island. There are horse-drawn carriages, slow-moving boats, and even a fishing hole. The whole ambiance makes you feel like you have left the hustle and bustle of Disney World and have been transported to the slow-moving countryside. This is also one of only 4 Disney hotels that allow dogs! If you want to see my blog or our vlog review about Port Orleans Riverside click here. --> Click our video below if you’d like to SEE our review of the food that we tried at Riverside's sit-down restaurant. Or scroll past and keep reading. The restaurant we are about to review is said to serve Southern Louisiana Bayou cuisine. The first thing you will see when you walk into this restaurant is the giant skeletal hull of a logger fishing boat hanging above everything. The restaurant is located in the main building next to the quick-serve food court and the bar. Just beyond the bar is the country store themed gift shop and the check-in area for the hotel. Before we even ordered they brought out a loaf of cornbread on a cutting board with butter piped into the shape of a classic Mickey right on the board. The cornbread was sweet and did not have corn kernels in it. Most of our party loved it and thought this was a real highlight of the meal. It was certainly a fun presentation. I prefer savory cornbread so this wasn't my favorite, but if you like sweet cornbread you'll love it. We started with the Mardi Gras Fritters. Deep-fried pimento cheese with pepper jelly on top. I was more excited about this appetizer than anything else on the menu. They were good, but they didn’t meet my high expectations. I think that is because I wasn’t expecting what was delivered. I am not blaming them for this, but I will do a description for you so you will know what to expect. The fritters were crispy on the outside and completely melted pimento cheese in the middle. The jelly on the top added a spicy and sweet kick. It was good. I would order it again, but some things to note are; that it is sweet and the pimento when melted doesn’t really taste like pimento. The sweetness was fine for me but Jake felt it was a bit too sweet to be an appetizer. The pimento melted into an oily cheddar. Now that I think about it makes perfect sense. Pimento is made of cheddar cheese and mayo and mayo melted would essentially just be oil. So it didn’t have that pimento flavor or feel that I was hoping for. We also got the French Onion Soup. It was good. There isn’t much to be said about it. It was like basically every French Onion Soup I have ever had. If you like French Onion Soup I would recommend it. When it came to entrees we tried two entrees (but one of them was a sampler so we could try multiple things) and a side of Fried Okra. I will start with the Fried Okra. I love Fried Okra. I always order it when it is offered and I was looking forward to it. This Fried Okra was not good. Instead of cornbread coating, which is traditionally how fried okra is made, it had breading like the fried chicken had. Then they pummeled it with a cajun spice mix. An overpowering and excessive amount of cajun spice was on the okra. It was almost inedible. I only ate a couple of them and then gave up. The first entree we are going to talk about is the Nashville Hot Chicken. It was a decent fried chicken plate. Jake compared it to Publix Fried Chicken. But it wasn't Nashville Hot Chicken. Now that I think about it, why was Nashville Hot Chicken even on the menu? Is it country bayou cookin’? Regardless, this wasn’t really what it said it was anyway. It wasn’t spicy like Nashville Hot chicken is supposed to be. Nashville Hot Chicken usually has hot sauce and cayenne pepper added to the coating and a spicy sauce added on top after. It is generally served with white bread and pickles to combat the extreme heat of the chicken. The chicken here did not have the sauce on top, it was not served on white bread, and instead got a shake of cajun spice over the top. Next, I’ll tell you about Boatwright’s Jambalaya. The Jambalaya was good but also suffered from overuse of the cajun seasoning shaker. I love heavily seasoned food and am generally complaining about restaurants under-seasoning their food, but this restaurant crossed the line with the cajun spice. Everyone at our table said that while they thought it was good they couldn’t eat a whole portion of this entree because of the spice. Are you starting to see the theme here? They should change the name of this restaurant to Cajun Spice or something because it is the predominant and overpowering flavor of nearly everything. Lastly, for the entrees, we got the Chef’s Sampler. This was the best thing we ordered and the thing I would most highly recommend. That’s not to say there weren’t problems with it, unfortunately. Let's start with the negatives so I can end on a high note. One of the three entrees you get to sample in the sampler is the Nashville Hot Chicken. Or Nashville Not-Hot Chicken as I like to call it here. Oh, also Not-Nashville. Just Chicken. Anyway, you know our issues with the “Nashville” “Hot” Chicken. The sides were green beans, mashed potatoes, and Mac n Cheese. The green beans and mashed potatoes were standard and good. The Mac N Cheese was oddly not cheesy. It was like shell pasta in a creamy sauce. Like they ran out of cheese and never added it. So weird and not good. It also came with good Smoked Sausage. For the stars of this dish, the ribs were great and the brisket was great! The Brisket was my favorite. It was fatty in a good way and flavorful and not coated in cajun spice. I wish they served the brisket alone as an entree, that is definitely what I would be recommending. For dessert, we got the Mississippi Mud Creme Brûlée. This is the second item on this "Louisiana" menu with another city or state in the title of the dish. Weird. We enjoyed the flavor of this dessert. However, here is the description: "Chocolate Creme Brûlėe, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Gluten Free Shortbread cookie, garnished with fresh strawberries and more ganache. As a big fan of chocolate ganache, I was excited and then disappointed by what arrived. As you can see in the photo below there was the chocolate Creme Brûlėe, a strip of ganache, and a singular cut-up strawberry. No shortbread cookie, no "more ganache." So that was disappointing. It was a good dessert though. The other thing was that we didn't feel like it really fit in with the country theme of the restaurant. Overall this restaurant is a little better than just okay. Their problem, it seems, is they think they can just sprinkle (or dump) cajun seasoning on everything and that makes it Bayou cooking. They are also very heavy-handed with said cajun seasoning. Tiana would be ashamed of you Boatwright. There are so many more layers of flavors that define Louisiana cooking. If this review helped you please consider subscribing and checking us out on all the platforms! We do a really fun podcast for Disney enthusiasts, a vlog, and this blog and we are on nearly every social media platform! I also have an ETSY shop where I sell fun shirts for your next Disney trip! We need your likes and subscribes and shares to keep our little business going, so please consider helping us out! Our Home Base NeverlandNavigation.Co YouTube ETSY Podcast Links- Apple Podcast Link Spotify Podcast Link Google Podcast Link Instagram TikTok

  • Chefs De France in EPCOT, REVIEWED

    Bonjour! Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co., your personal guides to all things WDW and beyond! I’m too excited not to mention this at the beginning of today's blog, so bear with me. We also started a PODCAST! Check us out on Apple Podcasts or Spotify at Neverland Navigation Radio! So now we are doing this blog, a vlog on YouTube, the podcast, TikTok, and all the social media platforms. Ok. Now that I got that off my chest, on to the review! Join us as we travel the World (Showcase) to try out Chefs De France! Will it have that certain 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' that makes for a magnifique meal? Read on to find out! Chefs De France is located in the, you guessed it, France Pavillion in World Showcase in EPCOT. The restaurant has huge windows that overlook the ‘street’ that runs through the France pavilion and around the world showcase, and past the street, you can see the World Showcase Lagoon, where Harmonious takes place. You may get a table by a window, or you may not. You can request one and they may let you wait until one opens or they may not. It really depends on the host you get and what kind of day they are having. Either way, let it be noted that they do not guarantee a window seat. We were hoping for a window seat because we were hoping to get a glimpse of the fireworks (or better yet, discover a hidden gem of a place to view the fireworks from) and we timed our reservation just right. We were in luck. Without even asking we were taken to a window seat. Très Magnifique! Check out our vlog below to see our full video review, or keep reading to see if this is worth the (kind of excessive) amount of money that would spend here. Let us start with the bread. Saying this might be a bit of a spoiler as to how the rest of this blog is going to go, but... The bread was the best part. Which isn’t a death sentence for the rest of the meal (you’ll have to keep reading to see how that went) because the bread was heavenly. When we walked in the first thing we smell is freshly baked French bread. YUM! I wish there was a realistic smelling “freshly baked bread” candle or air freshener or something. I loved the smell, I loved the warmth, I loved the flavor. Despite being HEAVILY pressured into purchasing alcoholic drinks from our server we chose to stick with water because we were feeling very dehydrated from the long, hot park day. He must have tried to push alcohol on us 5 times or more at the beginning of our meal and not at all in a subtle way, which was wild. For appetizers, I got the Escargot. Escargot is a classic French dish that is snails in some sort of garlic butter sauce, topped with crusty bread for dipping in the garlic butter. If you have never had the pleasure of eating escargot, it has a chewy and smooth texture and it does not have much flavor on its own. It takes on the garlic butter flavor. Not everyone is willing to give these a try, but if you are someone who loves them this is a good place to get them! This wasn’t the best escargot I have ever had but it was quite good and an escargot dish is hard to find. We also got French Onion soup. It seemed like a no-brainer. We were in a French restaurant, you’ve gotta try the French soup. It was also good but not the best. It had the bread inside and the melted gruyere cheese on top. It was pretty traditional. Jake ordered the Salade de chèvre (Baked Goat Cheese). The way I wrote it is exactly as it is written on the menu. What are you picturing right now? Is it mostly goat cheese? We were too. Instead, it was a plate filled with mostly mixed greens, a couple of walnuts, a couple of grape tomatoes, a few grapes, and a golfball-sized (golfball might be being generous) piece of fried goat cheese. The lack of goat cheese was disappointing, but the salad was really fresh tasting. For entrees, Jake got the Boeuf Bourguignon, linguine. This was similar to an American pot roast. It was nice and tender and the sauce that was on the beef had good flavor but it desperately needed salt. The crazy thing is how it is served with plain, unsalted noodles. We wound up asking for salt and more sauce. Once we got those things it was better, but at this price point, it was overall disappointing. I got the filet de saumon mariné au vin blanc et citron, riz, sauce champagne. So this was broiled salmon that had been marinated in lemon and white wine and was served with a champagne sauce. The sides were peas and carrots and white rice with a weird slice of tomato on top. These sides were ridiculous to me. It felt very TV dinner. Except for the slice of tomato on the rice, I've got nothing for that. I assume they were just trying to add color? With both of our entrees, I really cannot understand the choice of sides. The Champagne Sauce was the saving grace for this dish. It was creamy and tangy. The salmon was a little dry, had no flavor, and needed salt, so I had to drench it in sauce. I had to ask for extra sauce for this entree as well. We did get to see fireworks from our window seat which was a nice bonus. Unfortunately, they do not pump in the audio from the Harmonius firework show nor dim the lights as they do. In lots of other EPCOT restaurants with a view of the show. So that part was unfortunate, but I was thrilled that we got to see the fireworks from our comfortable table. By the time we got what would have been dessert time we were so disappointed and underwhelmed with everything that we did not want to spend any more money here. Which is crazy for us. We were really heartbroken by this experience. I tried this restaurant years ago, and at that time I loved it. So I don’t know what happened. We had high hopes and they were dashed. The hardest part about this restaurant is how bad of a value it was for us. The two entrees, that we disliked, were around $34 each. The appetizers were around $15 each, except for the soup which was $10.95. So with tax and tip and without drinks or dessert it was around $150 and was enough to feed 3 people. I hope this review helps you, or if you have gone to or plan to go to Chefs De France I hope you have a better experience than we did. Please consider pinning this blog, and subscribing to our YouTube channel or to our podcast to hear more from us! Au Revoir! Our Home Base NeverlandNavigation.Co YouTube Instagram TikTok ETSY PODCAST Apple Podcast Spotify

  • We tried the NEW BOARDWALK DELI!

    Hello! Morgan here, from Neverland Navigation Co., your personal guides to all things Walt Disney World, and Beyond! So something new opened at Walt Disney World this week and Jake and I just had to be some of the first ones to try it. Boardwalk Deli JUST opened and we wanted to see if it was worth the (BEAUTIFUL) trip to the Boardwalk to dine there. The Boardwalk Hotel is a hotel that is within walking distance of the World Showcase entrance of EPCOT (which is called the EPCOT International Gateway.) International Gateway lets you enter EPCOT between the UK and France pavilions in World Showcase. It is probably as far away from the front entrance of EPCOT as you can get, but that isn’t a bad thing if you are planning to do all of EPCOT anyway. It is also within walking distance to the SkyLiner and to the entrance of Hollywood Studios (although this would be a longer walk, not for the faint of heart.) The Boardwalk Deli is also steps away from the Friendship Boats that can take you to the EPCOT International Gateway or Hollywood Studios if you don’t feel like walking too much before getting into the parks. Once you are in the parks tons of walking (or scootering if that is your jam) is a requirement and I can't help you get around it. I personally LOVE getting in all those steps because it gives me carte blanche to eat all the yummy food that Disney has to offer without feeling guilty about it. The Boardwalk Hotel is gorgeous and immersive. Full disclosure, I have not been to Coney Island or Atlantic City (which is what the Boardwalk is based on), but I have seen enough 'Boardwalk' settings in movies and TV shows to know what it should look like and Disney really does a great job of transporting you. For me, it is a definite perk of Walt Disney World that in one vacation I can feel like I have been transported to so many different locations that I may never get to see in real life. When Disney aims to transport you somewhere, they go all in on researching and making it a reality. The Boardwalk has 3 sit-down restaurants, a magician-themed bar, a dueling piano bar, shops, a dance club, and even midway games and street performers. Now that I have "set the scene", we will get into the new restaurant! Check out our video review below, or keep scrolling to continue reading! Let’s talk FOOD! My favorite subject! We ordered 3 sandwiches (actually one of the three was a wrap, but that falls in the sandwich category, right?) Each ‘sandwich’ came with a side and then we got 3 desserts. Let’s start with the wrap so I can stop thinking about whether it’s ok to call a wrap a sandwich. The wrap had chicken salad that was made with walnuts and grapes. I really liked it! It wasn’t mind-blowing or anything but it was good! The texture that the walnuts gave was nice, the grapes were cut small enough that you didn’t get a mostly-grape bite and it was seasoned well. (THANK YOU DISNEY FOR GETTING OVER YOUR FEAR OF SEASONING!) I would order it again. The next sandwich was an Italian sandwich. Jake is Italian and he said it was great, so it must be, right? Those of us without Italian ancestry trying it also loved it! It had a wonderful pesto that really upgraded it to a level beyond a chain sub-type Italian sandwich. The bread they made it on was a ciabatta and it was perfect. At first glance, I worried it would be TOO crusty on the outside and hard to eat because of that, but I was wrong. It was wonderful. I liked the flour on the outside of the bread. It was a bit messy, but it gave it that freshly baked in a bakery feel. I personally love that the meats they used were Capicola, Soppressata, and Pepperoni. I don’t know what meats are on a traditional Italian Sub (or if there is such a thing as a ‘traditional’ Italian sub,) but I hate it when they put Ham on my Italian sub. I don’t need toddler-esque lunch meat on my sandwich. Ham feels more “elementary school cafeteria” than “Italian.” I guess I’m a diva. The last sandwich we ordered was the Warm Pastrami Rueben. It was great! A standard Rueben on soft marble rye. I loved that it came to us piping hot. It had good flavor and everyone in our party loved it. For the sides, we tried 1 of each offering. The options are coleslaw, house-made potato chips, and a cup of soup. The soup was tomato basil, but if I had named it I would have named it "creamy tomato bisque". Let’s start with the bad news. The coleslaw was not good. Were you expecting it would be? I wasn't. The bar is low for coleslaw to begin with in my book and this one somehow didn't even make it to my low bar. It was bland, basic, underseasoned, and not cold. Not cold!? Why!? At the very least this should have been a refreshing option on a hot day, but it wasn’t. We suggest passing on the coleslaw. The housemade potato chips were shockingly awesome. Not that they were the best thing I had, but I have low expectations for a plain kettle chip. I am used to them being somehow break-your-teeth crunchy and also weirdly lightly soft in the middle and always always under seasoned. So I didn’t even really care to try these, but I am glad I did because they were great. They were actually seasoned and they had a perfect amount of crunch. The soup was also surprisingly good. It had great tangy creamy flavor. Jake doesn’t like soup on a normal basis and he liked the flavors in this one! The desserts that we tried were the Mickey-shaped Cinnamon Roll, the Key Lime Pie, and the NY Half Moon Cookie. Again I’ll start with the bad so we can end this paragraph on a positive note. The NY Half Moon Cookie was … not a cookie. Jake called it a disk-shaped cake and I agree. I expected a black and white cookie and it was not. It was a thin, round chocolate cake with half white icing and half chocolate icing with a cute mickey decoration on top. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what I thought I ordered. We ate it with spoons. The Mickey-shaped Cinnamon roll was adorable. Other than that I would say it’s slightly better than meh. It was sweet but it just wasn’t an ooey-gooey cinnamon roll like you can get in a good bakery and a few places inside the WDW resort. In the future I'd not get the cinnamon roll here and get one somewhere else. (In my opinion, Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom has the winner cinnamon roll at this moment) Lastly, we tried the key lime pie. This was the best of the bunch. Tangy but not too tangy, sweet but not too sweet and the presentation was very pretty. When I go again I will either try a different dessert or I’ll get the Key Lime Pie. For the BEST news, I would call this a GREAT value as far as a budget-friendly meal on Disney property goes! Each sandwich is between $9-$13 and comes with a side! That s a delicious and complete meal for just over $10! Skip the soda to hydrate with a free cup of water and skip dessert (because you can get better dessert elsewhere!) and this is pretty darn cheap for a Disney meal! Now for the bad (terrible, really) news. There are NO TABLES inside this quick-serve restaurant. Whyyyy??? There is hardly enough space to wait for your number to be called and for your food to be handed to you. They make everything to go and give it to you in a paper bag. There are THREE tables outside with shade from an awning, but if you aren’t lucky enough to snag one of those tables you will be possibly eating in the scorching sun or the torrential rain. Listen. I LOVE Florida. I even love the heat of Florida and the thunderstorms (if I’m inside,) but I don’t love eating outside here. It is uncomfortable! So here is the heartbreaking end of this story. The food is REALLY GOOD, and the value is REALLY GOOD, but I cannot recommend eating here unless you happen to come when it’s not crazy hot or raining or unless you have a backup plan of where to eat your delicious sandwiches. Maybe in the winter months, it will be a good option. Although even then you would still have to deal with the very aggressive begging birds of Disney. They are famous. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! If you are staying in a hotel room at the Boardwalk and you can take the food back to your room then it would be a good option. But 80% of the time this would not get a recommendation from me just because of the terrible setup with seating and my preference to not be sweating while eating. A slice of pizza you can walk and eat, but not a sandwich and soup. They knew that, they knew about our weather, I’m not sure why all of this wasn’t taken into consideration. I don’t really know how to end this review because I do recommend this restaurant IF you can get the rare set of circumstances that would make for an enjoyable dining experience. But most of the time, when it’s hot or rainy, if you don’t have a covered (or better yet, air-conditioned) place to eat then I can’t recommend it. If you liked this review please subscribe to our YouTube channel or check out our other platforms! We want to keep doing this and we can only keep doing it with likes and subscribes from you! YouTube Instagram TikTok ETSY

  • Raglan Road at Disney Springs, REVIEWED! (Spoiler: The best part is at the end!)

    Hey! Morgan here, with Neverland Navigation Co., your personal guides to all things WDW and Beyond! Today I am writing to you to tell you about Disney World's only Irish Pub, Raglan Road! Raglan Road is located in Disney Springs and has a reputation for its Irish food and beer and live entertainment. Today we will answer the question about whether this is a good place to spend your hard-earned money and your precious time checking out. Below is our vlog showing our video review and a brief tour of the restaurant. To see all the fun Irish fare that we tasted and hear how we felt about it, check out our video below or keep scrolling down to continue reading! Raglan Road is a high-energy space with regular live music and dancers. I had a blast getting to see the dancers take the stage on single-person platform stages and do an Irish dance. It really adds to the immersiveness of this restaurant. The decor was exactly what you would expect of an Irish pub and I loved being transported to Ireland when we stepped in. The first thing we ordered was an appetizer called the “Chicken Donut.” I mean how could we not? It was a savory donut stuffed with chicken, wild mushrooms, and leeks and topped with a savory maple glaze, crispy chicken, and bacon crumble with a pickled salad. Once it came... umm.. it looked weird! (Picture below, weird, right??) Honestly, it was a weird mishmash of flavors but it was certainly unique! I wouldn't order it again, but I don't regret giving it a try. For my entree, I got the Scallop Forest appetizer. Pictured below. I often get an appetizer as my entree. Most of the time appetizers just sound better to me. This was an artfully plated dish of battered coated and fried Georges Bank sea scallops served with a citrus lime dipping sauce and sweet chili jam. These were fun to look at and as far as flavor goes they were good, but not great. Scallops are my favorite food, so I gravitated to this on the menu but it left something to be desired. They were in desperate need of a sprinkle of salt after coming out of the fryer. I love fish and chips, so I thought this would be the upgraded version, but they were, unfortunately, lacking flavor. Jake got the “Shepard’s to Die for Pie.” Pictured below. The menu states that it is Braised and pulled beef and lamb with root vegetables in a rich red wine jus with Irish peat smoked mashed potato. I realize that this is comfort food for a lot of people in a lot of cultures but it isn’t for me so it didn’t ring a bell of nostalgia for me. With that being said that isn’t a put-off for me. I have branched out far and wide from the Southern American food I was brought up eating and I am always excited to try new flavors. Unfortunately, this dish didn’t do it for me, but Jake liked it a lot! If Shepard’s Pie is your thing then you may love it. We also got Fish and Chips. This was the winner for me. It is also served next door at the quick-serve restaurant attached to Raglan Road called “Cookes of Dublin.” It is also $12 CHEAPER at Cookes of Dublin! Either place you get it, it is perfection. The giant piece of fish is golden fried and the tarter sauce is perfectly tangy, there is something special about it that I couldn't quite put my finger on, but you knew it wasn't generic bottled tartar sauce. My absolute FAVORITE THING ON THE MENU is the “Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding.” I LOVE bread pudding and this was the best bread pudding I have EVER had. Bar none. It isn't beautiful, but it is AUH-MAZING! It comes to you fresh and super hot with sides of rich toffee and cream sauces to pour over. When we were leaving I said, “I would come back for that dessert alone.” And I have. We returned to Disney Springs a few weeks later for our anniversary and dined at Paddlefish and opted not to have dessert at Paddlefish and instead came to sit at the bar at Raglan Road for their piping hot, toffee-drenched bread pudding. If you don't have a reservation, their expansive bars (there are two of them!) are first come first serve. So I think I would not give this restaurant a recommendation as a sit-down restaurant. The fish and chips are great, but you can get them at the quick-serve restaurant for less money next door. Except for the Bread Pudding dessert. I highly suggest bypassing Sprinkles, bypassing Everglazed and all the other trendy dessert spots, and coming to Disney Springs for THIS dessert. Not that I don’t love Sprinkles or Everglazed! Sprinkles Pride cupcake that they offer in June is to die for. But if I were ranking Disney Springs desserts (which I am, blog/vlog coming your way after I have managed to try them all!) Then this dessert would be above those others. Did this restaurant review help you? We have lots more Disney review blogs and vlogs on our website! Check us out! Check out our other platforms! YouTube Instagram TikTok ETSY

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